Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mozambique Part 4

Downtown Maputo, the old Portugese fort, and some other bits. 
Here be zombies.
Another easy mark.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mozambique Part 3

Here are some more shots, hanging out in Ponta before returning to Maputo on the Sunday. We were stuck in Katemba, south across the water from Maputo, waiting on the ferry for about two hours are the early tropical night crept up on us. The following morning we learned that the pontoon between the vessels and the mooring jetty(on which our vehicle was sitting for about ten minutes while boarding) had sank mere minutes after he had crossed over it. Close call that we had no knowledge of at the time! 

After this adventure, the following day, we ventured into Maputo proper, which is an experience all unto itself.
Drinks in Ponta before heading back to Maputo
Starting ealry...
The shoreline at Katemba waiting for the ferry. Maputo is across the water
On board.
...and probably overloaded.
Midtown Maputo two days later.
 Some very cool architecture in Maputo's midtown.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mozambique Part 2

Day two and three in Ponta D'Ouro near the South African border. It was all pretty leisurely, surfing and hanging about with my sister's family. Also went on a brief site visit with my brother-in-law before hitting the road back to
Maputo, but more of that in the next post. 
Shanna, Mila and the pooch.
Windy beach day at Ponta
No, I will not be eating that.
Site visit.

Mozambique Part 1

Here's the first photo set of my recent trip to Mozambique. After spending a long, hot day at Lanseria Airport, we flew to Maputo and experienced a colourful landing courtesy of a fierce crosswind and a little twin turboprop. What followed was a blacked out and sleepless night owing to the powerless AC unit and closed windows, mosquitoes being public enemy #1. The following morning we hit the road and crossed via ferry to Katemba and headed south to Ponta D'Ouro for the weekend. Zero roads mean stuck vehicles are commonplace, which is where today's snaps end. 

Oh, and merry Christmas to all.
Lanseria. All...
Our little puddle-jumper
Inbound to Maputo
Floodlights on a very windy deck.
Dog days
On the Katemba ferry
Offloading the ferry
Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dans Dans Dans

And more snaps of the happy couple. Check out the great work they're doing!