Wednesday, February 8, 2012


These snaps were taken during an epically wet afternoon in Melacca. Drops the size of... well, they were big. When the rain passed it was exceptionally grim as the streets were deserted towards what Springsteen termed the Darkness on the Edge of Town. Real gritty industrial area, but time was a-wasting and we needed food, so we went wandering like two lost souls after our excellent foot-massage. Past red-lit buildings we eventually we chances upon one place that could offer us local cuisine, the rest was all overpriced pizza and burgers! 

On a side note, the lit up bicycle taxis are hilarious, but don't expect any kind of value for money, they're there to rob you if you let them. And they each have a ridiculously loud sound system cranking out the widest array of dance-trash you ever heard. The river cruises are much better value, so sit back and trundle along the Big Muddy.

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